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Search Companies House UK by entering a company name in the business search on the left handside, which provides live access to CH Webcheck and CH Direct.

The main functions of are:

(1) incorporates and dissolves all UK limited companies;

(2) examines and stores the information delivered in the UK under the Companies Act and related legislation; and

(3) provides systems to enable this information to be available to the public.

They have a number of web based services such as Direct, Webfiling and Webcheck. These run on 'CHIPS' (Information Processing System). Over 1 million businesses have had their company formation undertaken electronically.

The Registrar
The Registrar for England and Wales and Chief Executive is Gareth Jones, who is is based in Cardiff and joined in April 2007. The Registrar for Scotland is Dorothy Blair, who is based in Edinburgh. The Registrar for Northern Ireland is Helen Shilliday, who is based in Belfast. There is also an Information Centre in London and a centre at Nantgarw, Wales, which houses the E-Filing unit, Late Filing Penalties, Compliance Unit and Prosecuting Solicitors.

The United Kingdom has had a system of company registration in place since 1844. Today, company registration matters are dealt with legally under the Company Act 2006.

All UK limited companies in the UK have to be registered. There are over 2.0 million registered in Great Britain and more than 300,000 are typically incorporated each year, the majority using an online formation process.

Board and Management
It is an Executive Agency of The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The minister responsible is Edward Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs. The agency also has Trading Fund status which allows ithe Agency to directly manage it's own finances and administration. The Chief Executive is responsible to Ministers for the day to day running of the Agency.

It has an Executive Board and a Business Board made up of senior DTI personnel, independent members brought in from the private sector and supported by local directors. They meet on a regular basis, typically monthly, to provide advice on the governance, in particular, its performance, corporate plan and targets. it's composition reflects its aim on trying to draw on best practice from both the public and private sectors.

Main Office
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

4th Floor, Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge

Executive Agency
21 Bloomsbury Street

Contact Centre
The main route for general enquiries is the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre staff have extensive experience of products, services and operations. Their staff will normally try and provide an immediate answer to queries but if they are unable to provide an answer they will transfer you to someone more experienced who normally can.